Welcome to ACDA West Conference 2019 The Art of Moving!  Be open to new friends, new ideas, new experiences. Enjoy!

ACDA recognizes that Art can provoke; therefore, during the course of the conference, participants are empowered to remove themselves from conference activities.

To All Conference Participants:
Just a reminder...The adjudication process is structured to ensure that feedback and the selection process is as objective as possible.

Adjudicators do not know the names of schools or choreographers presenting work in the adjudication concerts. In order to keep the integrity of this ACDA policy and process in tact through the adjudicators’ final decision, it is necessary to ask all conference participants to avoid conversation with adjudicators about the adjudicated dances, the adjudication process, or their comments during the feedback sessionIn addition, please do not discuss your school’s programs or your own work with the adjudicators. Your full cooperation is being requested for the enjoyment of all conference participants, including the adjudicators!

Thank you in advance!

Angelo Sapienza

Glendale Community College
Faculty, Mem.
Vo Vera (Angelo Sapienza) began his movement career as a B-boy in the streets of rural Arizona & Germany. Over the last 15+ years he has grown a heart for versatility, having received formal dance training from Arizona State University, MCC and SCC, 2 B.A.’s from ASU, and a RYT-200 Yoga Certificate from SWIHA. Instructor, choreographer, competitor, performance artist and model, his pursuit of so many avenues simultaneously speaks for the devotion and love for his work. He has choreographed and performed with professional dance organizations and groups including The Be Kind People Project, EPIK Dance Company and The Sacred G’s. Both Vo and his choreographed works have been on platforms including the NBA pre-game show, the NBA half-time show, and Lightning in a Bottle. Since 2015 he has been Faculty Associate at ASU, as well as Faculty Adjunct at MCCCD. As a dancer and movement artist his influences come from Breaking, Popping, Tutting, the Asana of Yoga, Hand Balancing and Experimental. His passions kneaded into a diverse kind of practice, which led him to cross-pollinate all he had accumulated. The outcome: A fresh and unique presentation of creative, dynamic, intentional movement. "Body is my medium; in motion and in stillness, in space and in each fleeting moment, it becomes my sport. My canvas. My meditation."

My Teachers Sessions

Friday, March 1

4:00pm PST